“If you looked at the skyline of New York in the 1800s, it was pretty flat. When the elevator came along, it enabled real estate to grow vertically. And what I see, long-term, is space doing the same thing to our economy."

— Jim Cantrell , CEO

Board of Directors

Vector’s Board of Directors help guide our vision an shape our future. Filled with industry veterans who have been involved with some of the most innovative companies in the aerospace industry, as well as strong leadership in business acquisitions, debt financing and other complex transactions make this team one well-qualified to lead Vector to rapid growth.

John Garvey

Co-Founder and CEO

John is a 30 year space veteran who was deeply involved with the early development of SpaceX, has developed launch vehicles and launch operations for the McDonnell Douglas Delta III and Delta IV, the DCX-A single stage to orbit vehicle for BMDO, Sea Launch and micro satellite launch vehicles for Garvey Spacecraft Corporation. John has extensive experience in the development of propulsion systems and launch vehicles and has worked with AFRL, DARPA, NASA and numerous commercial space enterprises.

John Garvey

Shaun B. Coleman

Co-Founder, Board Member

Shaun Coleman is a Vector board member and Vector’s first investor.As an experienced entrepreneur and investor having founded 4 startup companies, Shaun brings more than 25 years of enterprise software, virtualization, computer networking, information security and marketing expertise into the role. Prior to Vector, Shaun held executive leadership positions at RSA Security, VMware, Citrix, Lawrence Livermore & Sandia National Laboratories. He leads a team of seasoned developers in the Silicon Valley who will build the next generation of software-based space systems. Shaun holds 23 issued US Patents in the areas of cryptography, computer security, virtualization and satellite technology.

Shaun B. Coleman

James Palmer

Former Corporate Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Northrop Grumman Corporation

James F. Palmer is the former corporate vice president and chief financial officer of the Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC), a global security company and provider of products, systems and solutions in the fields of aerospace, electronics, autonomous systems and technical services, headquartered in Falls Church, Va. For the eight years prior to his retirement in 2015, Palmer served as corporate vice president and was responsible for Northrop Grumman’s overall business management function, which included controller, treasury, contracts and pricing, financial planning, tax, internal audit, investor relations and pension investments.

Palmer’s 45+ year career in finance also includes positions as senior vice president and chief financial officer of Visteon Corporation in Detroit; senior vice president and president of Boeing Capital Corporation, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company in Seattle; and senior vice president and chief financial officer of McDonnell Douglas Corporation in St. Louis.