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More Payload to More Destinations More Efficiently

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Traditional Design Delivers Reliability

Our vision is to offer never before seen opportunities for ventures in space through innovation. The Vector-H vehicle platform takes more payload to more destinations more efficiently.

Max Payload 290 KG

Increased payload capability

The Vector-H offers increased payload capability for the same wide range of small satellite mission profiles as the Vector-R. Like the Vector-R, the Vector-H fairing is a traditional two-piece design to reliabily place your satellites in orbit.

Stage 1

Engine LP-3 x 3

Thrust ~65,000 lbf

Delivering your business needs to the edge of Earth's atmosphere.

The Vector-H Stage 1 uses three “LP-3” engines to lift the rocket off the pad and carry it to the edge of the atmosphere. At approximately 100 km in altitude, the liquid oxygen and liquid propylene powered stage, shuts down and separates from the Vector-H Stage 2.

Stage 2

Engine LP-4

Thrust ~3,000 lbf

Flexible design allows for multiple deployment scenarios and orbit types.

After stage separation, the Vector-H Stage 2 uses one “LP-4” engine to place your payload in to orbit. The stage is capable of re-lighting allowing for multiple deployment scenarios and orbit types.


The two stage Vector-H vehicle is capable of placing satellites directly into circular or elliptical orbits.

Launch Sites

  • Kodiak Island, AK
  • Vandenberg, CA
  • Wallops Island, VA