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“Vector is trying to do essentially what Henry Ford did with the automobile assembly line but with rockets.” Jim Cantrell, CEO, Vector


Vector is a disruptive innovator that connects space startups with affordable and reliable space access. Vector has a BIG vision to reshape the multi-billion dollar launch market and combines dedicated low-cost micro satellites launch (Vector Launch) and software defined satellites (GalacticSky) to dramatically increase access and speed to orbit. With products proudly designed, produced, and launched in the U.S.A.

The Vector launch vehicle family consists of the Vector-R (Rapid) and the Vector-H (Heavy) launchers. The Vector-R places 60 kg into orbit and is our basic first use capability. The Vector-H places 290 kg into orbit and is a block upgrade to the Vector-R. The two launch vehicles share common technology and launch facilities including pressure fed ablative engines, carbon fiber fuselage, LOX/Propylene fuels, and mobile launch capability.

GalacticSky transforms the space segment from its current hardware centric state to a simpler software development proposition with software defined satellites. Our ultimate vision is one of space app developers being able to develop satellite applications on their desktop computer and uploading it to an at the ready satellite constellation yielding nearly instant data and revenue.

Vector will free you, the Space App Developer, to do what you do best …. innovate and build.

Vector’s larger goal is a platform for space app developers allowing you to concentrate on developing your solutions and not worrying about procuring launches and satellites. We believe that you, the satellite developer and operator, would rather focus on your core innovations than solving launch problems. Next time you launch, leave the transportation to us and Vector will be ready when you are.




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